Exhaust systems: The importance of each component

1. Manifolds

Quality extractors allow your engine to breathe easier, giving improved performance and fuel economy. A vehicle’s original exhaust manifold is usually made of cast iron. Carline supplied Extractors (or “Headers”) are a cost efficient replacement.

2. Catalytic Converters

The Catalytic Converter or Cats, are designed to minimise exhaust gases that may be harmful to the environment. Cats need regular checking and may need replacing in the event of damage, contamination or loss of efficiency. It is illegal to remove this part or its core from your system.

3. Resonators/Front Mufflers

Resonators are designed to reduce noise inside the car without restricting gas flow. Cracking, due to vibration or internal corrosion, is a common cause of failure.

4. Rear Muffler

The Rear Muffler produces the final exhaust note of your system. Corrosion is the most common cause of Rear Muffler failure.

5. Tail Pipe

The tail pipe ensures exhaust gases are prevented from entering the rear of the vehicle. There are a large variety of Exhaust Tips available to add to the appearance of your system.

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